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Hi I’m Carol Smith, I am the Director of Lydia House. I can remember the day I was called to birth Lydia it was if there was a loud voice standing behind me, giving me instructions how to write this vision. At that time I didn’t know it would take so long for me to carry out this assignment, but it did. I written down all I was to do and went on with life. Helping and supporting others was always in my heart, so it comes natural.

1989-1992 I went through a rough time in life. My life took a dreadul turn. I was introduced to crack cocaine by a co-worker a who in conversation I shared with them I wanted to lose weight and they assured me they had the answer. Now I was a born again believer at that time, but well over weight and was indeed looking for answers. After a long night I found out this had terrible side effects, I was not ready for. The battle I had gotten myself into was a little too much but I was not in it alone. I was desperate and I would cry out for God's help, in the midst of doing the drugs. A few years went by and one day my King showed up and delivered me. Now it’s time for me to show up for someone else.

In 1997 I became a volunteer at North Piedmont Correctional Prison for Women in Lexington North Carolina, it was a very rewarding time of my life. I received multiple rewards and Certificates. I started out taking one or two women out at a time to churches as far as High Point North Carolina. I became well known at the prison. Once I requested to take out the entire choir over 30 women to a church in High Point and the Prison Staff allowed it to happen. I ministered to the women sing songs, read the bible with them, just to shed light on a dark time in their lives. In 2021 I moved from Lexington to High Point with my youngest son, however I continued mentoring at North Piedmont Correctional until 2003. Shortly afterward North Piedmont Correctional Prison closed down. I went on serving the Lord. In 2012 I married Donald Ray Smith.

In 2014-2016 I went to Guilford Technical Community College in High Point and received a degree in Substance Abuse Counseling and a Case Management degree, to further educate myself, also to help educate others. I did my clinical at The Salvation Army Women Shelter here in High Point. After my graduation I was offered a permanent position as a Case Manager there.

Also in 2014-2019 I was the Secretary for CRTC Inc., Carolina Regional Transitional Care Inc. under the leadership of Mrs. France Gladden. CRTC is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that deliver comprehensive life coaching/mentoring services for ex-offenders returning back into the community. The services provided were for both Males and females. All of this was training for the role I had to step into for Lydia House.

September 26, 2022 Lydia House opened their Resource Center for women. Our Team consists of 4 volunteers.
Carol Smith Director
Twanna Craft, Opererational Manager
Angela Holmes, Outreach Coordinator and
Waver Doster Jr. Security/Maintenance.

Angela and myself travels to Lexington once a month to minister to the women in North Piedmont Correctional, yes the prison reopened and we have picked up the assignment.
We are working together to bring about a change. Step by step, day by day we are making a difference in our community.

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